2015 45-Gallon Shallow Reef Artisan II Aquarium

Designed to bring you truly up close and personal with your aquatics, the unique shallow reef construction allows an unmatched panoramic view of the reef and all of its inhabitants. Using the finest Low-iron ultra clear glass our Artisans are known for, this little gem will be the center of anyone's attention. At an overall height of 48 inches with the matte black cabinets, the Shallow Reef Artisan II features spacious aqua-scaping and generously proportions length and width for an exceptional top-angle observation of the reef aquarium. 


•45-gallon Shallow Reef Artisan II aquarium (35.5’’x 23.5’’ x11.75, Ultra-clear Low-iron glass)

•48’’ inches tall matte black MDF formica-wrapped cabinet

•30-gallon external multi-chambered refugium sump

•120-gallon PLS-100 protein skimmer 

•Herbie/Durso hybrid drain and Loc-line return system (using heavy duty Grey uPVC plumbing)

•External sump reef system 

•120-gallon Gen-3 PLS-100 pipeless protein skimmer 

•Trapezoid overflow box and cover

•Glass canopy (rimless and recessed) 

•Dimmable LED refugium light 

•500 GPH silent flow pump 

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CAD Lights 45G Shallow Reef Artisan II Aquarium

  • $1,069.99